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Brzezinski: Class Warfare? February 19, 2009

Posted by aetiusromulous in Economics, economy, news, politics, Video, YouTube.
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Mika’s Dad Lays It All Out On Morning Joe

How mad will millions of unemployed get?

Well, happy folks riot in the streets over sports, so….



1. BarterMan - February 19, 2009

Things are definately going to get much, much worse before they get any better. Has anybody thought what will happen when the Treasury has no more money to pay welfare checks…? Imagine the streets filled with hungry junkies looking for a fix. (not all welfare cases are junkies, I hasten to add.)

Being in the barter business, I see the despair on Main Street every day. “Billion dollar Bail-outs to Nowhere” are not the solution, they are the road to oblivion.

aetiusromulous - February 19, 2009

They simply print more money, which makes the stuff you barter more valuable. Methinks you are in a growth industry my friend – lots of Real estate bargains in the Hamptons when you hit the jackpot. Congrats dude!

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