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White House Response to Rick Santilli: De cafe Coffee, Dude February 20, 2009

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MSNBC’s Rick Santilli Shut Down By Robert Gibbs

In this corner, Wall Street derivatives shark – and the challenger, every home owner in America

Ding Ding




1. Cheryl Spiter - February 21, 2009

Rick Santilli ranted on the floor of the NYS the same people that ran this country into the ground base on their GREED.
I paid all my bill until I lost my job I was in the job banks collected a check minis 15% It got more diffulcult but I was mangering. Then those greedy republicians thought I was getting a free ride ( I am 55 and have been working since I was 16 ) So instead of being paid by the company I am now on unemploument and sub pay. Now they want to take away my sub pay. Sub pay is a fund that UAW member fought for and that we have paid into the whole time we have worked for the company which means I have been paying into this fund for 31 years, that is what unions do and companys agree to this contrats
If the union wanted to reopen up a neiogotiated contract it wouldn’t happen the union has reopen contract after contrat to help the company and have taken conssion since 1978!!!! Which that ranting idiot has not a clue about.We are not looking for a hand out we are looking for help until this mess that banks and uallsteet created . I did nnot get a mortgage I couldn’t afford everything was fine until thanks to Greedy fat cat like him everything has gone to hell.

aetiusromulous - February 21, 2009

I dunno if I agree with everything you said – but I completely feel your passion. Stay mad – and do something. great comment.

2. JACKIE - February 21, 2009


3. G.M. Jansen - February 21, 2009

I agree with Rick Santilli! If the people who bought homes way out of thier price range and were aided an abetted by the sub-prime mortgage ya-hoos, we wouldn’t be in this mess. Then to package those mortgages and sell them to all the retirement funds leaves us all in the toilet. I agree with Rick and I don’t want to pay for someone else’s mortgage. If you can’t put 20% down then you shouldn’t be buying the house. This country needs another Boston tea party, or a Chicago Tea party…I’m fed up with taxation without representation!

4. Cheryl - February 21, 2009

Jackie The greedy republicans wanted the auto makers to reduce over head they specifily wanted to get ride of the jobs banks which had been in agreement with the contract that both the union and the company signed however, that is where my check was coming from . So to get the loans the jobs bank were done away with . The car companies unlike the banks bailout had to jump through the hoops. So that’s how I lost my check and I am now on unemployment so now I am being paid by federal funds because the state funds are all gone and the state is borrowing money from the federal government to pay people on unemployment. and that is how it affects my check. You would think that the government would just let the company pay us and not tap into federal money, they really like their power to bad they haven’t the common sense to use it wisely. Face it the reps don’t like unions or the middle class Americans.

5. Cheryl - February 21, 2009

Mr. GM You didn’t read the paragraph very well I said my mortgage WAS within my buget until I lost my JOB. A mortgage that was taken out Years ago and had been paid every month and a few month even after I was put in the jobs bank and now on unemployment.

6. Cheryl - February 21, 2009

Mr GM What I am saying is not everybody was in over their head from the get go. People are losing their homes because they are out of a job. Because of the economy that wallstreet and the banks and people not buying American product and shopping at places like Walmart were most of their product are produce in China.

7. citizen payne - February 22, 2009

Why is this Democrat/Republican? These two parties aren’t what they use to be. Both are abominable.

The bottom line is there are many, many people who knew they could not afford the house they bought, but did anyway. Yes, the banks are equally responsible. The home buyer knowing better than anyone what they could afford should have said “no” and bought something else.

Now, people who bought what they could afford are suffering because of the others, like a domino effect. Our tax dollar can only go so far and with more, and more people laid off, there’s less tax dollars. We, the taxpayer are the government. It’s our money.

Companies that are too big to fail should be treated like “Ma Bell” and broken up into smaller business. Those that fail, fail. The government has now developed a dual layer welfare system. A level for those who really need help and ceo’s out for themselves. They’re all on welfare as is their employees.

8. Thomas Jefferson - February 23, 2009

The culprit of this entire mess is the Federal Reserve. It prints money then lends it out to banks at extremely low interests rates. This process led to easy credit which in turn led to speculation. Banks lent money to people who normally wouldn’t be qualified because there was just so much of it floating around (because of the Fed). Financial firms then began to invest heavily in the housing market because everyone, with all this new money, was looking to buy and a bubble formed. The investment firms and banks were acting as if the majority of people had increased their savings when they actually only increased their debt. When these people could not afford to pay off that debt, the bubble burst and the system came crashing down.

Everyone should be mad, but don’t be mad at the wrong people. Capitalism is not to blame because we do not have a truly free market system. Do not direct your hatred at Wall Street–direct it at the Federal Reserve and the government for allowing this central bank to exist. Be furious at this government for legalizing embezzlement and counterfeiting. Demand that they end their monopoly on banking and give up their power to create money out of thin air. You should be mad and if you aren’t start getting mad. The government is swindling us all and our posterity. It’s time we, the people, set this right and turn this country back into the prosperous Republic that was given to us.

aetiusromulous - February 23, 2009

Democracy is a natural break for Capitalism. They work best together. But do they work best?

9. Your Greedy Republican - February 23, 2009

I am not happy about paying for your high prices job bank. Why should I pay for a car that rewards people to sit on their ass and produce nothing. That is what the job bank is.
Stop asking for hand outs.
Rick Santilli is speaking for us 92%

10. Ed Sponable - February 23, 2009

GO Rick Go….When they started making TV shows on flipping real estate ( and it’s still on) you know we were heading for the flusher……Your the man….

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