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Schwarzenegger: Do We Work For The People, Or The Party? February 22, 2009

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If Idiot GOP Governors Don’t Want The Stimulus Money…

Arnold will take it.

For the people of California




1. Mike - February 22, 2009

Did you watch Meet the Press this morning? Bobby Jindal clearly outlines why he won’t take CERTAIN aspects of the stimulus pay out for his state. In a nutshell… it forces the state of Louisiana to make PERMANENT changes to their state laws which in the short term gives them some relief, but long term forces them to fund things they have no budget for. Why bite off your nose to spite your face?

At least give him credit for reading the contract of the loan he’s about to receive (unlike the democratic congress and senate who blindly sign off on something they haven’t even read or understand).

aetiusromulous - February 22, 2009

Ah, yes. The devil is always in the details. Sometimes the intent of a document outweighs its terminology. Choice is between crafting a lawyer free document or an agreement between men. Lawyers always win those, typically.

2. dummidumbwit - February 23, 2009

Jihndal is signaling a run, kissing the base is a necessity. He saw too much unemployment and to little infrastructure and decided to make his move. He’s possibly their most dangerous candidate and he will have to live with the refusal of unemployment, but if he play’s it right it could help him, can’t the state legislature still override him and he could make a point with the base and lose nothing?Watch Bobby, he’s the one?

aetiusromulous - February 23, 2009

Is this a good time to be useing the crisis as a springboard for personal gain? Can’t imagine what average dudes are thinking about turning down money so one guy can run for president. Just seems immoral and shallow to me.

3. dummidumbwit - February 23, 2009

With the needed repairs to the port of New Orleans, the need for the Corps of Engineers and the Feds to work on the levees, especially in Louisiana, I think we (the Democrats in Congress) should have loaded more shovel ready stuff for Louisiana leaving him less option to refuse it. He’s banking that the stimulus fails and his ideology is consistent with this. I only wish we had put more shovel ready stuff in it to buy him off? The Port of New Orleans is the largest on the southern coast and needs money that would have paid dividends as the economy bounces back.He’ll have to see if the refusal will damage him more than the gains of being a hard economic fiscal conservative, which he was and is.

4. dummidumbwit - February 25, 2009

Is this a good time to be useing the crisis as a springboard for personal gain? Good question, but Arnold is unable to run, Criss seemed a good VP choice from my perspective, but I’m a Democrat and Bobby’s trying to get the nod from the base, as is Romney also taking a hard shirt to the right.Bobby didn’t do to hot on the counter statement last night, poor guy, he’s smarter than that, but I wouldn’t want to try to out Orate Obama either, he’s lucky he didn’t break down and cry or do even worse. He did mention the size of the stimulus as well as nobody knowing what’s in it and talked about the possibility of a Mag Lev line from Disney Land to Vegas, he let the idea out too soon and unformed. It’s interesting that I had to find out about the Mag Lev possibility from someone trying to use it against the Left. But that would be infrastructure and Mag Lev will come to pass and is very compelling for long term technological supremacy.Bobby’s wondering if that’s the way to attack the Lefty Dopes blowing money out their butts, but high speed rail, possibly Mag Lev is the future one way or another, I’m glad he brought it up, that idea is a serious investment in high technology?

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