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Produce The Note: #1 Foreclosure Strategy Sweeps Nation February 24, 2009

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I Owe You? Prove It !!!

Turns out all that mortgage paper is…missing.

Damn – that’s too bad.





1. swandiver - February 24, 2009

I first heard about this on NPR’s “Marketplace Money” show. Some guy wrote a very interesting book called “The Foreclosure Survival Guide”. The author basically advised people to take the emotion out of it and look strictly at the money.

One of the things he advised is just not paying anything if you’re going to lose the home anyway, bank as much of the redirected mortgage money as possible and when you are finally forced to move, you have some cash to make moves with.

aetiusromulous - February 24, 2009

“When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro” – HST

2. Barb Lamont - March 30, 2009

Nice post. I like the part about produce-the-note. I live in Tampa and know one person he helped, and it actually worked. Well it did not work like some of the newspapers reporting, but they did get new terms that were very favorable and they were able to avoid foreclosure. It really varries by situation and probably the laws of your state on how far this goes. This site has all the videos they have done. Watch all the videos here:


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