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Ron Paul : The Best Two Minutes In Economics February 25, 2009

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Why Do They Think This Guy Is Nuts?

ScreamBucket fully supports the following 2:23

If you can find anything wrong at all with this summation,

please comment up.





1. CB - February 25, 2009

great post. RP is right about “capital”. politicians can’t pork it & get re-elected using RP’s definition so they redefine things like “capital”. another huge problem is (wrongly) viewing “inflation” only as a measure of rising prices vs. the cause, an increasing money supply.

aetiusromulous - February 25, 2009

I don’t often agree entirely with Dr Paul, however his grasp of history – and the perspective it affords – really turns my crank. Honest to god, entire books have been written on what Paul just said in 2 minutes. Gotta love it.

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