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General Motors Corporation : It’s Over February 26, 2009

Posted by aetiusromulous in Economics, news, politics, Video, YouTube.
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Staggering Losses, Plumetting Sales, Virtualy No Future

It’s time to call a duck, a duck.





1. llabesab - February 26, 2009

Not to worry. The Anointed One will protect every union member but most especially, those who made the greatest contribution to GM’s demise.

Look how he cow-tows to the Teacher Unions. And this to a bunch of “nothings” who, on average, graduate in the bottom third of their college class; albeit, 31 points higher than the average Congressman.

Ever wonder why in International Test after International Test, USA High School Seniors come in almost dead last? Oh, yes, I know. In the latest round of International Math Testing, we did beat out Mexico.
But only because the testing “..WAS ADMINISTERED IN ENGLISH!”

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