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Gerald Celente: One Crazy Dude I’ll Listen To February 26, 2009

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the-scream-commentsOn the same day, Barack Obama addressed a nervous nation and its pandering politicians, Federal Bank God Ben Bernanke shrugged his shoulders to congress, and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton all but begged China to buy America’s worthless bonds in exchange for a promise of endless container loads of Chinese crap. The selling of the last best hope was underway.

In a dizzying array of fiendish acronyms, uncountable billions – trillions – of future American dollars were poured like autumn leaves on a fire, the sheer weight of the flammable torrent enough, it is sold, to smother the inferno.

The mighty federal bank rate, the weapon of choice for a generation, had failed to slay the beast, and had run itself down to zero power in the attempt. The evil specter of Nationalization was raised again and again in a desperate effort to frighten banks to lend what they didn’t have, and could not get. Economists blathered earnestly, media darlings as incomprehensible as any drug addled Hollywood starlet.

And then, suddenly, everything had been done. Every lever pulled, every chamber emptied. Trapped, a thousand leagues down and running silent, there was nothing to do but wait for the shudder of the torpedo strike that would end the torment from above. And so, the only question that matters now is not – will it all work? But rather, what if it doesn’t?

Planning for the worst is simply not the American way. After all, there never has been any reason to. “What, me worry?”. Mad as it sounds, planning for defeat has become unpatriotic in America, contravening every law laid down by the great Founders John Wayne and Audy Murphy. Doom and gloomers have always lived a suspicious life around the edges of American culture, finding refuge amongst the conspiracy theorists and whacked out religious cults. The movement has its heroes, and of them Gerald Celente is always the one shallow morning show hosts reach for when they need a spokesman for the looney. “…and later, a monkey in pull ups and Gerald Celente…”.

Clenete is a trend forecaster, and as such, he is not allowed to play with the economists or financial analysts. Celente brings together the tangled wires of a society in motion, and attempts to make some sense of its direction and its speed. Looking not just to the numbers, Celente has made a fabulous living from outside of the box, wondering about people, their behaviour, what they do and what they don’t. He mixes it all together and publishes forecasts that look further out than the fourth quarter, stretching the now far into the future. Celente is, no doubt, crazy.

Crazy to have the fortitude to stand in with the only voice in America saying “Ya, but…”. Celente insists that there is always a multitude of outcomes from a single roll of the dice, and he is more than happy to be the one calling snake eyes. That side of the bus is always empty. His is just an opinion, a prediction for unpredictable events, in the same dry fashion everybody else’s is. But now, with America having launched its entire arsenal at the meteor, it may be time to consider just what the hell may happen next.

Barack Obama’s job is to provide hope and inspiration, as well should the leader of the Americans. The inflicted financial community and its economic whores are duty bound to claw their way up the slippery slope. The diplomatic soldiers, charged with being diplomatic. The media herd will do whatever the media herd does.

It is Gerald Celente’s job to calmly point out that there just may be a chance it is all bullshit.

I’m listening.

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