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Hopping on the Bachelor Bashing Bandwagon… March 5, 2009

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burbfam-240x238-brandAll aboard? I too am jumping on the Bachelor Bashing Bandwagon.

 I’ve watched almost every season of The Bachelor. Why, because I’m a hopeless romantic? It’s not enough to have love in my life; I want everyone I know to have love in their life too. I think everyone deserves to experience the butterflies in their stomach as they fall in love, the twinge of excitement in anticipation of seeing that person and that sickening, gut wrenching feeling when they’re apart. It’s all part of being in love and there’s no better feeling. If people can find love on a reality show, I’m all for it.

 We all watched as the sensitive, caring, handsome bachelor, Jason Mesnick, proposed to the genuine, sweet, fun-loving Melissa. When he asked if she would make him the happiest man in the universe by marrying him, and she replied, after letting out a little scream, “You want to marry me?'” Hearts were melting everywhere, including mine.

 The phone rang and it was my friend, whom I could barely understand through her tears. She too, was on cloud nine having witnessed the proposal. Then much to my surprise, my husband called. He had watched every episode with me but was out of town for the finale. He watched it and like everyone else that saw it, got caught up in the romance. He called to tell me, he had felt the same way about me when he proposed, as Jason was feeling for Melissa. He said after 25 years, he still felt the same. Yes, love was in the air.

 Well the joy and romantic bliss lasted all of ten minutes, when reality came crashing down in the next episode.

 Can anyone spell bastard? J- A -S- O -N    M -E -S- N- I -C- K

 Host Chris Harrison, said “What you are about to see is so personal we decided not to have a studio audience in order to keep it intimate.” Yeah right Chris, no studio audience, only millions of viewers. They brought Melissa on stage, only to have Jason tell her after being engaged for all of six weeks, he’d changed his mind and thought he would be happier with the runner up, Molly.

 Melissa was devastated. Her dreams shattered. She was hurt, angry and humiliated. She rightfully uttered the words “You’re such a bastard,” but carried out the interview with complete grace and dignity. I was sick.

 Minutes after she left the stage, they brought in Molly. A tearful Mesnick composed himself, and put on his best puppy-dog face. He told Molly things hadn’t worked out with Melissa because he couldn’t help thinking of her. Initially in shock, Molly eventually jumped at the second chance with Mesnick. Not to sound pessimistic, but I don’t predict a long lasting relationship there.

 He claimed to be in love with two women at the same time, and I believe that’s entirely possible. But the problem is I don’t think he really knows what love is. He had professed his love to three women in as many months, Deanna, Melissa and Molly.

 He dumped Jillian because she was too much a friend, but then he dumped Melissa for Molly, because he realized Molly had become his friend. The guy is confused, and his confusion has cost a lot of people a lot of pain.

 Just like we all experienced the joy Melissa felt when she accepted his proposal, we felt like we’d been kicked in the teeth when he publicly rejected her.

 Shame on you Jason Mesnick; and shame on The Bachelor producers. Viewers tune in to see love and romance and instead saw disrespect, humiliation and hurt. Mesnick said he followed his heart and did it with dignity. He had to hurt people in a way, but felt he did it with integrity.

 He showed no integrity nor did the producers of the show. Melissa and Jason’s break up should have occurred off camera and faded away, as did all the previous bachelor connections.

 Melissa won’t soon forget and neither will the viewers. I for one won’t be tuning in to watch the next season of The Bachelorette; but for those who do, don’t be surprised if one of the bachelors vying for Jillian’s affection is none other than Jason Mesnick. By the time the show begins taping, he may have tired of Molly and be looking for the next runner-up.




1. kristen - March 5, 2009

hahaha i love this!
couldn’t agree more!

2. Fran - March 9, 2009

I do agree that fact that Jason must be confused about what love is. I don’t blame him completely for what had happened. We all change our mind on anything at one point or the other. That’s why there are divorces and broken engagements and broken relationships. What’s so strange about Jason break up with Melissa. The relationship is not working in a real world . . . Mel and Jason realized it. Why make a big deal out of it? Why Mel had not been treated well by the guys she had dated before (it was mentioned in hometown visit episode)? There must be something we don’t see in Mel.

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