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Frank Schaeffer Eviscerates Republican Party on D.L.Hughley March 8, 2009

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“Loud Drunk at The Back of The Bus Molesting Women”

20 million Luddites, and not one more.





1. RAMON CRUZ - March 8, 2009

Thank you DL someone has finally has gotten the cohones to stand up on tv and put things in a perspective, so we the public could see what and how the republicans act and truly are about, we need to hear more of frankShaffer, i have never heard anyone one explain whats been going on in this country and is still going on with these asswhole REP, I hope you have him on again. Iam tired of hearing about hoover, johnson and the others we cannot compare our situation with theres its bullshit. this shit is new so we need new thinking. The country has flipped toward the opposite of what it was. the news reporters need to report not inport there beliefs and ideas because it confuses the people keep it simple keep it honest thats all we ask for.

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