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Earmarks Explained : Ron Paul Loves ’em? March 10, 2009

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America Needs More Earmarks !

Earmark is one of those words that carry a lot of baggage. Nasty baggage. But as Congressman Ron Paul explains in the clip below, earmarks are essential to transparency and argues for more. Not Less.

It seems that when congress is specific about what it wants money for and how much, it becomes an “earmark”. We want a new bridge in that field, and 2 million to build it. Earmark.

If congress fails to earmark, the money leaves anyway, but the executive branch gets to decide what to do with it. In this way bridges to nowhere get the press because we have the details, and the bridges we blow up and rebuild over and over in Iraq get hidden away in the legal fine print of 10,000 page documents.


Definitely though, someone needs to come up with a better word. That ones done.




1. llabesab - March 10, 2009

Ron Paul is correct. You want transparency? “Earmark” everything. Then you know who askwed for it; where it’s going; what’s going to be done with it; and Congress gets to spend the money, not the Tax Cheats in the Obama Administration. If the Obama Administration gets to decide who/what/when et., then you might see:

1. $500,000 for chickens to mail to Obama’s enenies.
2. $100,000 to fix the bug in Turbo Tax.
3. $240,000 to design new sleeveless dresses.
4. $ 50,000 for special vitamins for the new First Pet.
5. $ 50 for a new AM radio so that Obama can listen to
Rush Limbaugh.

Everything in a Congressional Budget should be earmarked..It’s called “Accountability”, and “Transparency.” Something alien to Obama. But, then again, it takes an “Alien” to know one.

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