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China Rips United States March 14, 2009

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“To be Honest, We’re Worried”

 It was a bad day for America. Exports slumped to nightmare levels as Barack Obama prepared for a weekend meeting of the G20 nations. Worse, China signalled its worry and extreme concern over its investment in America. Right at the time Obama has to beg the Chinese for trillions of dollars in bond bailouts, China starts freaking out about the sorry state of its current investment.

It used to be a stress free, symbiotic relationship. The Chinese would buy all the bonds America wanted, in exchange for its silence on Tibet, Taiwan, and the torture thingy. The money would get printed and factored down to the consumer, who would in turn give it back to China in exchange for water toys, Barbie Dolls, and plasma TV’s. Worked like a charm.

Good times, but that was then and this is now. Today, faced with a suddenly destitute American consumer, China’s crap is piling up on the docks. The Chinese economy took a massive hit by ignorant American financiers who throttled the golden goose. The Chinese are pissed.

So they, the pissed off Chinese, are asking themselves; “How does it benefit us to give our money to those screw ups? Shit, there are a billion of us! Let’s get our folks to buy those water toys and Barbie Dolls and plasma TV’s instead.”

Wen Jiabao, the Chinese prime minister, made a public declaration today – just before the start of the G20 – that he is very worried about the state of its current assets in America. Worse, he seemed to signal displeasure in the Obama plan, admonishing the US for not doing a better job of protecting its investment.




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