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George Weber Killed By Craigslist? March 26, 2009

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Killed By Nutbar, Not The Web

Why are we always so quick to demonize the web?

Dude meets stranger in the bar. Have drinks, yap a bit, and agree to go back to a private setting for sex. It has been done that way since the dawn of drinking in bars. It has always been dangerous, it has always had the risk of violence, and it has always been the first object of social networking anywhere and at anytime. Sex. In a private place. Mostly.

With the internet and social networking phenomenon like Facebook, MySpace, and a host of others, the “dating” ritual is safer by magnitudes.

Prior to “hooking up”, people can now get a far better picture of a “stranger” with only a name to go by. They can see who their friends are, what kind of music they like, where they live, work, and go to school. All really important stuff if you are going to meet a stranger in a dark place, alone. At worst, it saves you wasting your time, and at best it can save your life.

The media always wants to vilify the net at every opportunity, however if they – or law enforcement – want to help the public, they would urge greater use and understanding of the information available on the web.


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