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Medvedev, Obama to Meet at G20 Summit March 30, 2009

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Medvedev and Obama will sit down together at the G20 meeting this week, at a time where every meeting is critical. Both Russia and the Obama administration want to normalize relations after a long period where Russia was in decline, and America had taken full advantage.

Those days are gone, both superpowers struggling under the weight of their own excesses. No longer the dominating powers that they once used to be, America and Russia look to each other as not just equals, but also partners in a world where Europe and China have grown to equality in prowess and influence.

America is still fighting the cold war in so many ways, and it has a long haul ahead coming to grips with new geopolitical realities. Far from a “madman”,

Medvedev is a rational player on the international stage with respect and prestige around the world, and Obama will use his own popularity to cement a friendship that will see the both of them through a very trying decade to come for each.

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1. loveandlightgodbless - April 1, 2009

G20 Summit in London;Prayers & Good Wishes, 2 April 2009; God Bless

Prayers are amazing. This precious gift is always with us

Let us all pray for the G20 Summit in London where the Leaders of the World accompanied along with Strategic Decision Makers meet

That they form a coalition; a mutual understanding based upon a Vision for the Global Economy

A Vision that is based upon Values Based Principles and grows from strength to strength to overcome the challenges being faced globally with Wisdom

Seek the grace of God to fill the Universe with a Vision of Happiness & Wisdom always
When the World prays together; the wishes seek to manifest

When the World is Happy, we are all Happy. In one another’s Happiness is our true Happiness; Development; Prosperity & Progress

Let us gratefully acknowledge; appreciate and express our sincere thanks to God for everything always;

Protocol; Etiquette, Be Appreciative; Be Grateful; Be Meaningful; Be Purposeful; Be Respectful and Be Responsible always Please

Express thanks to God time and again always, For the Health and Wellness,
For the Wonderful Families; Friends, For the Inspiration & Wisdom, For Fulfilling our Needs, For Showing us the way, For the Courage, For the Natural Resources,
For always being near us, For the lamp of peace; love; faith and hope that glows in all our hearts, For God’s graceful and loving presence, For God’s Blessings,
For Guidance through the challenges, For the Trust in us, For knowing what is best for us always, For permitting the Love and Light of God to shine through our lives

Prayer; May One and All be Appreciative; Grateful and Thankful


May Happiness be showered on One and All; May One and All be Healthy;

May One and All be Loved & Respected; May One and All have Well-being

May One and All realize that their Happiness is linked to others Happiness;

May One and All recognize that when the World is Happy, they are Happier;

May One and All discover the true meaning of Life is that Life is Precious

May One and All be Resourceful & Talented; May One and All Achieve and Excel;

May One and All be Considerate; Creative; Meaningful; Purposeful and Responsible;

May One and All Love Nature; The Environment & Humanity;

May One and All Respect One Another; May One and All Inspire One Another;

May One and All realize that they each have a very meaningful and special purpose in Life;

May One and All believe that they are the precious Gems of this Universe;

May One and All realize that Life is Beautiful; Precious, Meaningful and Purposeful;

May One and All be a Symbol of God’s Loving Love and Light; Radiating Joy for others;

May One and All be Blessed with Happiness, Prosperity; Progress& Wisdom always

Thank you for your prayers for the World; they are immensely appreciated and reciprocated with utmost appreciation and gratitude

Trust in God and Faith in Ourselves, May God Bless You and Your Families with a Vision of Happiness and Wisdom always

When the World is Happy, We are all Happy; In one another’s Happiness is our true Prosperity, Development and Greatest Happiness

May Universal Appreciation; Happiness; Consideration; Compassion; Respect; Peace; Love; Cooperation; Inspiration; Gratitude; Economic Development, Stability; Prosperity, Progress & Wisdom prevail always

Love & Light;

God Bless,


©2009 Vashi Ram Chandi

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