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Spanish Torture Investigation of Former Bush Officials March 30, 2009

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Spain will investigate six former Bush administration officials on charges of torture.

The six, Doug Fieth, John Woo, and David Addington among them, will face a major investigation by the same Spanish investigator who brought Chilean war criminal Augusto Pinochet to justice.

It remains to be seen what an actual investigation may touch off, however the optics appear well timed for the start of the G20 conference which Barack Obama is attending. Anger is rising towards America in Europe and around the world, and this investigation, if anything,  is symptomatic of a world done with American hegemony. Just the same, I for one would love to see these clowns bent beneath the wheel of a Spanish Inquisition.


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1. optical beamsplitters - March 31, 2009

wow, where is the money from~

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