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“Blistering Social Commentary – Eclectic Music and Video – Economic Analysis As Crappy As Anybody Else’s – Head Scratching Muddle of Actual Writers – Columns and Features that Defy Common Sense – Occasional Bad Spelling and Syntax Errors – Graceful,  Honest, and Odd….This Train Wreck  Won’t Last a Week.”

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Our Favorite Review (so far)


Dear ScreamBuckets;

Thank you ever so  much for the absolutely lovely articles by Brianna Popsickle. It is so refreshing to see a return to true family values on the internet. Brianna is a beautiful writer and more people should read her wonderful work. The rest of you suck.

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hey dickheads;

Fuck you. I quit.

I can’t stand working another minute with you idiots. Danny will be in for my stuff. I would puke if I ever saw that mess again. And for the record, Ronald Reagan IS the greatest President in history. Assholes.



[Re Free markets are not rational, (Asia Times) Mar 19] Catalyzed by greed, capitalism, when left to its own devices, will ineluctably lead human societies to maximum chaos. Thank you, Aetius Romulous, for making that statement with flair and concinnity. How sad that it required a “thermal nuclear financial meltdown” for us to learn the truth. But how even sadder that, from “tulip craze” to “leverage frenzy”, the same mistake will inevitably be repeated by posterity, when another learned man will pen this essay, to decry humans for all their foibles and follies.
John Chen
USA (Mar 20,’09)

Not related to author…seriously



1. readnshare - March 6, 2009

2. Case Wagenvoord - March 20, 2009

Loved your article, “Free markets are not rational,” which I came across on atimes.com. It inspired tomorrow’s post on my blog. would like to link yours with mine if it’s okay.

aetiusromulous - March 20, 2009

Absolutely ! When yours is up I will certainly check it out. Thanks.

3. Case Wagenvoord - March 21, 2009

aetiusromulous, It’s posted.

4. Case Wagenvoord - March 28, 2009

Oh my! How dare Silva speak the truth. Doesn’t he know that White, blue-eyed people sit at the top of the evolutionary ladder?

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