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Who Is Terra Naomi?

Who Is Terra Naomi?

Just a girl. A person amongst billions, a voice within the choir.

In the summer of 1957, on the other side of the world and  half a century away from Terra Naomi, George Harrisons mother bought the 12 year old a cheap, department store guitar. No doubt, the young prodigy spent many useful hours, locked in his dockside Liverpool bedroom, thrashing away at the tin strings that wouldn’t hold a note against the adolescent hands of genius.  From the first garbled “G”, through the steady stream of wonder and discovery, Harrison worked that guitar. Across the stinking town, whose docks received the rusting plenty of Empire, and buried in another bedroom, thrashing at another tin guitar, was another awe struck adolescent, another dull seed of change and revolution. Paul McCartney met Harrison on the bus to school, which took them on a long and winding lifetime to John Lennon’s house, and history.

The Beatles need no introduction – a noun, a verb, a universal word on the tower of Babel. And as always, a chance confluence of human destinies, all slammed down upon the planet within walking distance of Penny Lane and Strawberry Fields, time to impact dependant solely on the opportunity that all should meet on a grimy bus in  an unknown place where a black and heavy telephone was a wonder and a luxury. A random act of fortune, a gift of fate to all.

Terra Naomi is John Lennon. Terra Naomi, – alone in a room in a house in a town in a place on the earth we know not where, thrashing away at a guitar – is a genius, a potential point of change and revolution, waiting for the bus to come and wisk her off to history. The world is full of young John Lennon’s,  thousands – maybe millions – spread across the earth in rooms and towns and places that are the true community of man. Human beings, human voices – individuals with thoughts and ideas and problems and solutions…and that basic human yearn to be heard. Terra Naomi is John Lennon, born in the age of the internet.

When Terra Naomi got her first guitar, she already had the internet. As she banged away at the same strings Lennon did, in the same way and for the same reasons, she did so with sound, video, and YouTube uplinks; MSM, Yahoo and Twitter. Millions across the planet, speaking a universal language of music, text, and emoticons, shared her joy and the wonder of discovery. Her world wide web of family and friends attach, imbed, and post in exponential fashion, her long and winding road but a millisecond from her bedroom, to click, to view.

And so, here she is – Terra Naomi, just one of thousands of John Lennon’s who together are building a new earth out of the rubble of the old, a community of expression rising from the bedrooms in the towns and the places on the earth we know not where, all delivered to our own homes and towns and places, “Across the Universe”.


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