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LinkBucket – Issue Two – March 23, 2009

Title: Employee Retention Bonus Program Paid With Your Taxes! Thanks AIG.

Author: Silicon Valley Blogger

Site: The Digerati Life

Comprehensive and well-reasoned article – a rare find!




Title: Ideology and Crisis

Author: Ezra Swerdlow

Site: Rough Fractals

Beware the the dogs of dogma


Title: Useing Our Own Money Against Us 

Author: Wenchypoo

Site: Wenchypoo’s Mental Waste Basket

Of moles and men….


 Title: You Are A Banker And A U.S. Automaker

Author: Jim DeSantis

Site: On Line Tribune | Front Page Blog 

Screw The Man!…wait, we are “The Man”.


Title: Thank you, new administration

Author: True Adventures in Money Hacking

Site: Wren Caulfield

Accounting for Change


Title: What Do They Mean When They Say “Conscious Business”?

Author: Steve Bernal

Site: Bizlightenment

Better value for your buck


Title: Distant Mirror: Ben, the plumbing is still broken.

Author: C. E. Dowalt

Site: Money Confidential

An opinion worth reading – really.


Title: What’s a reporter to do?

Author: Dana

Site: Investoralist

All the news that’s fit to print, plus the rest.


Title: Simplify!

Author: Burak Bilgin

Site: Distiller’s Corner



Title: Positive Personal Financial Planning Strategies During A Down Economy

Author: The Smarter Wallet

Site: The Smarter Wallet

“Cheerful attitude in the midst of gloom.”

Title: Get Your Sticky Wages Off My Health Care.

Author: Jeremy R. Shown

Site: Rhymes With Clown

Interesting, and well worth the read.






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