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LinkBucket – Issue One – March 9, 2009



Title: Social Policy in a Financial Crisis

Author:Ezra Swerdlow

Site: Rough Fractals

A noble attempt in an ignoble time


Title: AIG – Behind The Scenes

Author: Steven Germain

Site: Rough Fractals

No Bullshit account from a guy who was there


Title: Citi, USA

Author: Jeremy R Shown

Site: Rhymes With Clown

“Illusion of Value…”


Title: Rep. Hensarling Channels Rumsfeld

Author: Mad Kane

Site: Mad Kane’s Political Madness

Short and to the point, and who doesn’t like a shot at Rummy?


Title: The Consumers Guide To Functioning in an Economic Cycle

Author: Wenchypoo

Site: Wisdom From Wenchypoo’s Mental Wastebasket

One of several submitted by a prolific commentator





Title: Who Is Worse Off Than You

Author: Dana

Site: Investoralist

Brilliantly written reminder that the grass is always browner….


Title: Great Depression Myths

Author: Mr Bear

Site: Great Depression Version 2

Don’t look behind you, but……..


Title: Trends of the New Economy

Author: Rick Sincere

Site: Rick Sincere News and Thoughts

Atlas Shrugged, Pet Rocks, and financial crisis… Toxic Debt?


Title: Buying a Car on Credit, Then Defaulting

Author: Mr CC

Site: Ask Mr Credit Card

If you must be a deadbeat, do it right.




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