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Medvedev, Obama to Meet at G20 Summit March 30, 2009

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Medvedev and Obama will sit down together at the G20 meeting this week, at a time where every meeting is critical. Both Russia and the Obama administration want to normalize relations after a long period where Russia was in decline, and America had taken full advantage.

Those days are gone, both superpowers struggling under the weight of their own excesses. No longer the dominating powers that they once used to be, America and Russia look to each other as not just equals, but also partners in a world where Europe and China have grown to equality in prowess and influence.

America is still fighting the cold war in so many ways, and it has a long haul ahead coming to grips with new geopolitical realities. Far from a “madman”,

Medvedev is a rational player on the international stage with respect and prestige around the world, and Obama will use his own popularity to cement a friendship that will see the both of them through a very trying decade to come for each.

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Bush Team on 9/11 – Spine Tingling Heroics March 15, 2009

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Bush And Co. In their Finest Moments

Make no mistake, everything they did after 9/11 should be investigated and prostecuted, however in the frantic moments of the bright and glorious morning of September, 2001, The Bush Administration did America and the world proud.

A fantastic, candid glimpse into the minds of men thrust into history.

Incredible video in two parts from




Congressional Approval Skyrockets…to 39%? March 11, 2009

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Which They Consider Outstanding For Some Reason

Whaddya gotta do to get some love in this place?


Fight To the Death Forms over Worlds Distaste for the Obama Plan March 10, 2009

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Europeans Smell A Wounded Foe

American protectionism and fiscal deficits are on a headlong collision course with European “Global” finance and monetary policy. Europeans (as well as every other economic entity on the planet) are determined to remove America and her printing presses from leadership of the global finance system. They want a new financial architecture to replace the old and broken model of Bretton Woods. The Americans want it all back to where it was before the house of cards collapsed under its own weight.

Absolutely nobody in America is aware of this yet, while many in the world have been grumbling for some time about either American economic hegemony, or the simple failure of Bretton Woods over the last 30 years. The result may be an immovable force against irresistible momentum.

Historically, these kinds of clusterfcuk’s have resolved themselves in egregious acts of protectionism, and we can expect the Americans to go first, as indeed they already have. All we wait for now are what the Europeans will do, and what kind of support they get for it.




Oh, and BTW…protectionism right now would be akin to putting a grenade in your mouth a mumbling “Go ahead, make my day”.