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Spanish Torture Investigation of Former Bush Officials March 30, 2009

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Spain will investigate six former Bush administration officials on charges of torture.

The six, Doug Fieth, John Woo, and David Addington among them, will face a major investigation by the same Spanish investigator who brought Chilean war criminal Augusto Pinochet to justice.

It remains to be seen what an actual investigation may touch off, however the optics appear well timed for the start of the G20 conference which Barack Obama is attending. Anger is rising towards America in Europe and around the world, and this investigation, if anything,  is symptomatic of a world done with American hegemony. Just the same, I for one would love to see these clowns bent beneath the wheel of a Spanish Inquisition.


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Medvedev, Obama to Meet at G20 Summit March 30, 2009

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Medvedev and Obama will sit down together at the G20 meeting this week, at a time where every meeting is critical. Both Russia and the Obama administration want to normalize relations after a long period where Russia was in decline, and America had taken full advantage.

Those days are gone, both superpowers struggling under the weight of their own excesses. No longer the dominating powers that they once used to be, America and Russia look to each other as not just equals, but also partners in a world where Europe and China have grown to equality in prowess and influence.

America is still fighting the cold war in so many ways, and it has a long haul ahead coming to grips with new geopolitical realities. Far from a “madman”,

Medvedev is a rational player on the international stage with respect and prestige around the world, and Obama will use his own popularity to cement a friendship that will see the both of them through a very trying decade to come for each.

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China Rips United States March 14, 2009

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“To be Honest, We’re Worried”

 It was a bad day for America. Exports slumped to nightmare levels as Barack Obama prepared for a weekend meeting of the G20 nations. Worse, China signalled its worry and extreme concern over its investment in America. Right at the time Obama has to beg the Chinese for trillions of dollars in bond bailouts, China starts freaking out about the sorry state of its current investment.

It used to be a stress free, symbiotic relationship. The Chinese would buy all the bonds America wanted, in exchange for its silence on Tibet, Taiwan, and the torture thingy. The money would get printed and factored down to the consumer, who would in turn give it back to China in exchange for water toys, Barbie Dolls, and plasma TV’s. Worked like a charm.