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The Energizer Bunny Goes to Cuba… March 31, 2009

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burbfam-240x238-brandIt was very sudden. My husband decided we should take a trip. When he first mentioned it I came back at him with a list of reasons we shouldn’t go, beginning with “We have two children in university” and ending with, “We have two children in university.” In addition, I’m a planner, one of those people who enjoy the anticipation of a vacation, packing and repacking several times before a trip.  But he was adamant the two of us get away, so a couple of days later we were on a plane to Cuba.  I told my boss if my husband came back without me, to make sure there was an investigation.



Guilt March 27, 2009

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weber-logo1I’ve been married 24 years, and during those two-plus decades I’ve traveled twice with my wife to the Bahamas, once on our honeymoon and again the following year.

Fast-forward another ten vacation-less years.  I left a job that was threatening a pay cutback, breathed life into my own company, pulled the plug on its life-support during the 90’s recession then rewarded myself after finishing Teachers’ College with a four-day vacation to Vegas.

It rained for three days.