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The Energizer Bunny Goes to Cuba… March 31, 2009

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burbfam-240x238-brandIt was very sudden. My husband decided we should take a trip. When he first mentioned it I came back at him with a list of reasons we shouldn’t go, beginning with “We have two children in university” and ending with, “We have two children in university.” In addition, I’m a planner, one of those people who enjoy the anticipation of a vacation, packing and repacking several times before a trip.  But he was adamant the two of us get away, so a couple of days later we were on a plane to Cuba.  I told my boss if my husband came back without me, to make sure there was an investigation.



Through Worth and Work We Rise February 18, 2009

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John Weber:

Editors Screed 

Nearly a hundred years ago, my grandfather rose at five, milked his cows by hand then delivered the milk by team and wagon to a nearby depot.  A stonemason by trade, he’d return by seven then spend a ten-hour day squaring stone with a 12-pound hammer.

 “And you know,” I remember him saying, “we never got coffee back then.” There were lots of things grampa never got-trips to the islands, DVD players, large screen TV’s, or a mortgage he couldn’t handle -“but you know,” he added, “everyone was happy ’cause we were all in the same boat.  Poor as Joe’s turkey, but we had a whale of a good time.”